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The L2 for BSC

The Autobahn Network is the first Layer 2 Rollup for the BNB Smart Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain). It's designed to run at lightning speed while minimizing fees, and benefits from the BNB Smart Chain which underlies it.

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BSC needs Scaling...

BSC gas fees are already too high for many dApps with high transaction volume (e.g. games). Decentralized Exchanges, and other dApps, have become slower or revert transactions. With greater adoption, this will only get worse. Scaling is needed to regain speed and decrease gas costs by 95%.

A BSC Rollup for DeFi & NFTs/Games

The Autobahn Network is an Ethereum based scaling solution built to minimize transaction fees and provide lightning-fast transactions, combined with the security of the underlying BNB Smart Chain network.

Main use cases for the network are Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Game transactions, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which account for the majority of transactions on the underlying BSC layer.

Unique Characteristics for BSC dApps

Blue and magenta squared glass layers

95% lower gas fees

The Autobahn Rollup technology offers transaction fees at a fraction of BNB Smart Chain's gas fees. Approx. 95% lower.

Blue and magenta Glass Roll

High-speed transactions

DeFi & NFT trading need high-performance. As on the German highway called Autobahn, transactions are optimized for speed.

Magenta and blue glass cube

L2 decentralization

Decentralization will be achieved by decentralizing the Rollup sequencer. This will come on top of what BNB Smart Chain offers as decentralization.

Magenta and blue glass cube

Maximum security

The Rollup itself adheres to the highest security standards. In addition, all data is written on BNB Smart Chain - for additional security.


Read how the Autobahn Network will evolve as the first Optimistic Rollup for BNB Smart Chain. More details about the roadmap can be found in Discord.

Develop Optimistic
Rollup technology

Initially, the Autobahn Network was developed with a focus on maximum performance and minimum fees for BNB Smart Chain.

Deploy Rollup as first L2 for BSC; Closed Dev Testing

The Rollup goes live as a Canary Network connected to BSC Mainnet. During this phase, access is limited to selected developers.

Implement TXL as Gas & Whitelist Lifting

Instead of BNB, we will change the code that TXL will be used as the network’s gas token. At the same time, the Whitelist requirement will be lifted.

Enable Bridgings for instant Deposit & fast Withdrawal

Depositing & withdrawing funds from the network will be available in the Frontend of the - for both deposits and slow & fast exit.

Deploy the first NFT Collection & Marketplace

The first NFT Collection, the Autobahn Genesis Cars, will launch on the network. Afterwards, a first well-known NFT Marketplace can be deployed.

Deploy the first DEX for instant & cheap Swaps

We are already looking for a DEX provider who wants to be the first DEX on the network. Get in touch and let's discuss.

Deploy the first Game with high-transaction potential

To pull in the first active wallets, a first Game will be deployed. We are in touch with several ones, but let us know if you’d be interested, too.

Launch the Autobahn Builders Month "Hackathon"

As the 2nd important launch phase of the Canary Autobahn Network, a full month for developing & deploying with attractive TXL rewards will take place.

Launch the Grant & Bug Bounty Program

To incentivize deploying dApps & increasing security long-term, a Grant & Bug Bounty Program will be introduced.

L2 decentralization &
TXL Staking

With more dApps being deployed, the Autobahn developers will focus on decentralizing the sequencer & introducing TXL Node Staking.

Scale other Layer 1s & "Rollup as a Service" (RaaS)

In addition to the Autobahn Rollup for BSC, the technology could be utilized to scale other blockchains, or as a white-label solution.

Magenta and Blue Glass TXL Token

The TXL Token

The TXL token is the fuel for the Autobahn Network. It benefits from all transaction fees, staking, and much more.

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